The National Science Foundation awarded us a grant to help further our work improving student outcomes. 

university of Utah
West Virginia State University

U.S. Undergraduate Student Sentiment Amid COVID-19

We surveyed undergraduate students across the country to weigh in on how they are thinking and performing when it comes to academics during this time.

How U.S. Undergraduate Students Succeed with CircleIn

We surveyed students taking remote or hybrid courses that are using CircleIn to find out what they found to be most effective and helpful for improving engagement.

Break students out of isolation

Are your students actually satisfied online? Will online learning be as successful as in person? At CircleIn, we do not believe that distanced students, in silos, is the only path forward. 

CircleIn enables students to work better together remotely and feel like they are in the same room.

Not every student exits a lesson with confidence. With CircleIn, students get just in time support from their classmates to persevere.

Students tap into the power of a focused community of classmates, engaged in deep conversations.


Collaboration, not confinement

Overcome obstacles


Give focus a chance

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