How to Reach 80% of Student Adoption

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We believe that there is incredible strength in knowledge sharing among peers and when knowledge is freely shared, it unlocks unlimited use cases. At the core of CircleIn, we bring students closer together around a shared experience of studying and invent meaningful magic moments for them. CircleIn is a web and mobile studying platform where students can express their issues and get instant peer to peer help.

There are almost 1 billion students that go to school every single Monday, and we believe all students everywhere should have access to help when they need it most.

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Students using CircleIn for online studying is easy. They live the greater majority of their lives online, and many have already tried to use apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Gmail, and 10 others to try to study online with their classmates. So the behavior is there.

To help your students adopt CircleIn, we’ve analyzed what the most successful professors have in common and paired that with the expertise of our Higher Ed Success Managers to give you the best game plan for introducing CircleIn.

Remember: Strong adoption = Strong Engagement! Let’s dig in...

Students Are Already Studying Online

1. What is CircleIn?

CircleIn is an online studying app where students earn points for rewards like free Amazon, free Starbucks and more for helping classmates who are struggling after class causing them to fall behind. By enabling students to openly collaborate and study online together, we're aiming to see 5%, 10% and 15% increases in pass rates.

2. Why the 80% student adoption goal?

The more students in your class using CircleIn, the more valuable the app is for students to use when they need homework or studying help when class ends.

When 80% of students have adopted CircleIn versus 5%, there are remarkable benefits for the class:

- More Diverse Opinions When Seeking Support

- More Flexible Hours to Get Help

- More Offline and Online Academic Relationships are Built 

"[Students] live the greater majority of their lives online, and many have already tried to use apps... to study online.... Remember: Strong Adoption = Strong Engagement"

3. The 3 meaningful steps for student awareness

You want to raise student awareness, and drive adoption by doing these 3 things…

1. Tell your students CircleIn is a resource provided by the campus which means its FREE

2. Tell your students to pull out their phones (they all have them) so they can go to the app store and download CircleIn

3. Play the 5 Minute CircleIn Student Launch Video so that we can tell your students how to use CircleIn, and win for collaborating

Once you tell students that the app is free, and to pull out their phones, allow the video to do the rest of the work. The 80% adoption goal should be met by the time the video ends.


It is important to use the 5 Minute CircleIn Student Launch Video. We have found that partners who closely follow our recommended steps have higher adoption rates.

4. What can I add to my syllabus?

Here’s a sample syllabus statement you can copy and paste:

CircleIn is a free resource provided for this course. CircleIn is an online studying app that allows students who are struggling to get help from classmates. Your classmates who help you with a question, or share their notes with you on CircleIn, earn rewards like free Starbucks, free Amazon and other free perks in the app for being helpful. You earn for studying and collaborating as well. Download the app and you can begin using it to be successful in this course. You can also login at to use the web version.

The objective is to make sure you are surrounded by help from your classmates and give you a place where you can contribute to supporting your peers as well.

5. Is there anything I can do to leverage the LMS or email to drive adoption?

The LMS and email are great channels to drive student adoption.

You can copy and paste the syllabus statement above, and make it an announcement. You can also copy and paste the syllabus statement and make it an email to all students.

Doing both will help drive strong adoption.

6. Bonus tips from other faculty on driving student adoption?

- Give extra credit points for all students who show they downloaded CircleIn

- Making downloading CircleIn a homework assignment

- Anytime students take notes, remind them to post it on CircleIn to earn CircleIn points and rewards

7. Lone Star College resources

In close partnership with dozens of universities and institutions, and in seeing what makes for successful classes on CircleIn, we've compiled the most useful resources to help you get started below.

8. Resources for your students

We hope these resources provide a great starting point as you begin to learn and adopt CircleIn to enhance your students' learning and outcomes.

If you have any feedback or questions, we would love to hear from you at

Play the 5 minute CircleIn Student Launch Video so that we can tell your students how to use CircleIn and win for collaborating

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