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What is CircleIn?

CircleIn is the place where students study remotely, where they collaborate, where they communicate, and where they stay productive. Students brainstorm together just like they would in a coffee shop, but online, and with much with a larger community.

CircleIn, Student Success Platform

Students Are Already Studying Online

Students live the greater majority of their lives online, and many have already tried to use apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Gmail, and others with the goal of studying online with their classmates.

So the desire to get help online already exists.

What CircleIn Does For You...

Empowering Your Students

You Have Enough Emails

See Around the Corners

Not every student is on the same level. What is possible when your strongest students engage those in need of help?

What happens when students positively influence and help each other? Less repetitive questions in your inbox.

We deliver you a weekly skills gap report which shows the most common questions your students had in each section.

Let's Help You Launch

Schedule a 15-minute, 1-on-1 call with a CircleIn Support Specialist

3 Meaningful Steps for Student Engagement

Send an email to students or create an announcement on Blackboard sharing that CircleIn is a resource provided by the campus which means it's FREE.

Spread the Word! 

Add a syllabus statement to your class to increase awareness. Click here for a sample statement that you can copy and paste.

Add CircleIn to your Syllabus

Assign 50% - 100% of the class attendance/participation grade to earning 100,000 points on CircleIn for actively studying, collaborating and engaging with classmates.


Bonus Tip!

Download the CircleIn Welcome PDF for Students and share it with your students

We Have Office Hours

Unleash the full benefits of CircleIn by joining a group webinar just for faculty. We'll show you how to get the most value from CircleIn and how your students will benefit from our easy to use studying app. 

Faculty Dashboard Guide

Download the Faculty Dashboard Guide and see how we're making studying transparent.

We Are Here For You

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