CircleIn for Student Engagement

Deliver a mechanism for student engagement

Don’t hope for student engagement, make it a daily experience for students with a Virtual Student Community

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Why Deans, Directors, and Faculty choose CircleIn?

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Engagement with a student focused mindset

Students desire to learn, grow, participate, interact and their needs are changing. Our Virtual Student Community is the mechanism that enables students to flourish together…


Student engagement happens at 10:29pm on a Thursday when students are anxious about the exam or 9:21am on a Sunday when students gather to student with our Virtual Student CommunityAnywhere


We break down the historic limiting factor of location and generation far more peer engagement with our Virtual Student Community


Our Virtual Student Community changes the student experience from siloed and isolated students after class ends to interactive and highly collaborative



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Explore more use cases for CircleIn

Explore more use cases for CircleIn

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Student Engagement

    Student Engagement